SeaWinch - Marine winches with bearings for sailyachts Marine winches with bearings for sailyachts
Sea Winch - Mast & Fitting Makers, Marine Sheet Winches for sailyachts, Yachting and Boating winches, gear mechanism, bearings between the gears

We are the main south american winches manufacturers, with bearings between gears, since 1985. Our products have a quality guarantee with the highest values of mechanical exigency and with the best market prices.


Our systems - unique in the world - increased efficiency over 30% against conventional winches.
They were tested for more than 15 years in the roughest conditions of sailing all over the world. The southern oceans (argentina . Patagonia) and the rio de la plata, to name a few.

World class sailors, such as our international designer german frers, vito dumas - hero of the roaring forties - our olympic medallist serena amato and santiago lange - three times world champion - among others, have successfully risen to the challenges posed by the sea, with our sea winch winches.

Boats sailing from cape horn to buenos aires, are fitted with our winches, designed for the most extreme sailing conditions.

Our company has a highly skilled professional staff wich works with the most advanced techniques of investment casting, sae 410 stainless steel and aluminum heat treatments of the different components. And our equipments are patented to guarantee your safety.

Our gears are entirely manufactured in stainless steel, with a result of better mechanical resitance. The materials chosen for the different sets do not include galvanic pairs in between, therefore they do not produce galvanic corrosion in maritime enviroments.
Our secret is simple, sea winche include stainless steel bearings between the gears, with the result of increasing mechanical efficiency over 30% against conventional winches.

Sea winch has always looked for higher performance